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Buying an Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust

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If you’re looking for an exhaust with a nice base, but not overtly loud, the M4 GP Series Slip On Exhaust is the way to go.

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So you’ve turned to this post because you’re tired of the 007 James Bond, stealth mode, incognito, electric car sounding silencer exhaust. ‘Bout time! Excuse me. Welcome!

If you’re looking to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust that would add both sound and style to your motorcycle, this is the page.

FYI, this post does not include:

  • Reviews on Full-System Exhausts: Riders who typically make this purchase are looking for maximum performance.
  • Specs, Performance, or Weight: Riders who consider these aspects of an exhaust are probably modifying their bike for track days.

This post is simply a guide to choosing a slip on exhaust for the budget conscious rider.


Topics to Discuss

  • Attracting Attention
  • Perspective on Safety
  • 5 Tips for Aftermarket Exhaust Pre-Purchase
  • Personal Experience
  • Other M4 Exhausts
  • Keep in Mind


Attracting Attention

I’m not gonna deny that when I’m out at a bike meet with my boys, sometimes I’m hesitant to turn on my bike. It’s because I’m concerned that it doesn’t sound good enough and by good enough, I mean loud enough.

When I’m by myself, my bike sounds like King Kong roaring in the jungle, but when one of my buddies turn their bike on, it sounds like a rocket ship.

You don’t necessarily need your bike to sound like a rocket ship, but you do want to upgrade your exhaust to attract attention (for the right reasons, of course). Like your girlfriend, your bike needs attention. In this case, it could save your life.


Perspective on Safety

Today, many drivers are distracted while driving by things such as, loud music, texting, putting on makeup, etc.

Although at times you can’t completely see what a driver is doing through their window, you kind of have an idea if they are distracted by the way the car is moving in that lane.

Having an aftermarket exhaust adds volume to your motorcycle, making it easier for you to be heard sooner than later.

Riders living in California love to take advantage of the opportunity to lane split because it allows you to cut down your time in traffic.

When I first bought my Yamaha R6, there were numerous times when I was skeptical to lane split because the stock exhaust is a silencer exhaust, which means revving the engine in traffic doesn’t do any justice.

I had to make it a priority to buy an aftermarket exhaust so that other drivers on the road were aware of my presence.


5 Tips for Aftermarket Exhaust Pre-Purchase

Before purchasing an exhaust, you have to do your homework. This could not only save you time and money, but help you to pinpoint the type of slip on exhaust you are looking for.

  1. Make sure it’s street legal: check with your state’s laws to see what the regulations are for aftermarket exhausts.
  2. Watch videos online: Not all aftermarket exhausts sound the same for each bike, but YouTube is a good starting point for getting a general idea of what it could potentially sound like.
  3. Window shop: If there’s a bike meet in your area, stop by and ask the owners of the bikes if they could rev it for you. Listen to the sound and see if matches your taste.
  4. Know your style: Narrowing your options to a particular style can help you through indecisiveness. Are you looking for a long exhaust or a short exhaust? Do you want a heavy metal (Stainless Steel or Aluminum) exhaust or light metal (Titanium or Carbon Fiber) exhaust?
  5. Know your budget: Stick to a price range. Don’t get too carried away with the design of an exhaust. You can always customize it to a schemish look later.


My Experience with the M4 GP Series Slip-On Exhaust for 2014 Yamaha R6

Full Pic of M4 Exhaust on R6

I love my M4 exhaust. Off topic, but one time I told a buddy of mine that I bought an M4 and he didn’t believe me. This guy is a car fanatic; he’s all about street racing as well as finding the perfect balance between the customization and the performance of a car.

I was pretty casual about telling him that I finally got the M4 and that it sounds great, but he on the other hand, was very hyped up about it. He insisted that I showed him a picture, so when I did, he was speechless because he thought I was referring to a BMW.

Anyway, what I like about my M4 exhaust was that it gave a sound that wasn’t obnoxious to my neighbors, but at the same time, it can be very loud on the freeway. Do note that from time to time this exhaust will set off car alarms.

In regards to style, I like the matte black coating on it because it went well with the look and feel of my bike.


Other M4 Exhausts


When Buying an Aftermarket Exhaust, Keep in Mind…

With the addition of aftermarket parts installed to your bike, comes additional maintenance. In the case of an aftermarket exhaust, although not required, you should consider tuning your bike after installation.

Tuning your bike is simply adjusting the fuel to air mixture to compensate for the change of the new system. Without this change, you might see signs of lower gas mileage.


Feel free to drop a comment below. Tell us about your favorite exhausts and don’t hesitate to share pics.

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