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Why it’s Important to Consider Buying Frame Sliders

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With the Shogun Motorsports No Cut Frame Sliders, it is simple to install for beginners. If you are a street rider looking for low speed protection, this is the go-to brand.

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Prevention is Better than Cure

Growing up, who hasn’t heard the phrase, “prevention is better than cure?” In other words, if you can prevent the worst of any scenario, it is better than trying to fix it when the problem arises. This applies to all aspects of life: communication, relationships, meeting deadlines, procrastination, etc.

For the purpose of this review, we’ll dive into why it’s important to consider crash protectors for your motorcycle and how to choose the right frame sliders.

Before making any mods to your motorcycle, first consider investing in a pair of frame sliders.

Why? Because you don’t want what happened to me happen to you.

My first accident happened within 2 months of me riding due to improper cornering techniques. I wanted to hang out with the big boys and show them that I could keep up through the curves.

One thing lead to another. Adrenaline, lack of focus, and not trusting the bike turned into me dumping my bike. My fairings were destroyed as well as having a minor leak of coolant.

When I took my motorcycle to my mechanic, I nearly fainted when he told me the replacement cost of my OEM fairings. “That’s 3 zeroes at the end or 2?” I asked him. He being himself, responded non-verbally by pointing to a pair of frame sliders.


What are Frame Sliders?

Right Side View of Shogun Motorsports No Cut Frame Sliders

Frame sliders are a crash protector, typically cylinder-shaped, that is meant to protect the frame and engine of a motorcycle in the event of a crash.

It is not meant to protect the plastics/fairings of the motorcycle, but it can save it from serious damages.


Why it’s Important to Have Frame Sliders?

When buying a bike for the first time, it’s easy to overlook the add-ons that could save you a ton of money in the future.

For the same reason your life will be a total loss if your head is exposed in an accident, is the same reason why your frame needs frame sliders.

The goal of the slider is to limit the impact the motorcycle takes by creating a barrier between the motorcycle’s bodywork and the ground. As the motorcycle slides across the ground, the slider begins to shave off some of its material while keeping the bike elevated.

Although when statistically speaking, the more you ride, the more likely you are to get into an accident, it doesn’t mean that those who are occasional riders shouldn’t consider investing in a pair of frame sliders.

I’ve heard stories from friends who’ve parked between cars and the driver didn’t see their bike, so they backed into it. Then there are times when you simply forget to put the kickstand down when you park your bike. All in all, you just never know.


Difference Between Cut and No Cut Sliders

When buying frame sliders, you’ll have the option of cut and no cut sliders.

Cut sliders are bolted directly into the frame and the rider would have to cut a hole into their fairings so that the sliders can properly fit. Since cut sliders are secured onto the frame, it is able to use that as leverage to provide greater protection upon impact.

No cut sliders come with a bracket that allows you to position the slider away from the fairing so you do not have to cut the fairings. Unlike cut sliders, since there is that middle piece between the slider and the frame, no cut sliders reduces impact protection and are more likely to break off the bracket during a crash.

I’ve always had no cut frame sliders, not just because I was skeptical about cutting into my fairings, but because I didn’t want to have that permanent look with that cut. I liked the flexibility to switch between different frame sliders to match a particular look for my bike.

Now, with the Shogun Motorsports Carbon S5 No Cut Fiber Frame Sliders there’s no need to switch frame sliders because the replacement end caps allows you to change the color, giving it more of an added touch.


What Should You Look For?

It’s important to know what type of rider you are – track rider or street rider. Knowing this will not only help you prepare for a crash, but help you to know what to look for in your next purchase of frame sliders.

  • Length of Frame Sliders: Short sliders give better protection during high-speed crashes (i.e. race track). On the other hand, longer sliders offer better protection during tip overs (i.e. parking lot). Having a longer slider in a high-speed crash would cause the bike to flip over because the more elevated a bike is, there is a higher chance that the slider would plant into the ground causing the bike to flip. For street riders who don’t speed too much, longer sliders may be to your benefit. At low speeds or tip overs, longer sliders may protect engine covers and plastics.
  • Easy Install/DIY: Check to see what parts of your bike the frame sliders are going to mount to. Is it accessible? Are there special tools you’ll need to install it?
  • Quality – Aluminum vs Plastic: Aluminum is more durable material, but can cause the bike to flip over in a high-speed crash. Plastic is less durable, the material wears down faster upon impact, and is less likely to flip over.
  • Clean Look: If you’re going to make mods to your bike, might as well pick something that matches your style.


Add Some Style

If you’re looking to add some style to your bike, turn it up a notch with the Shogun Motorsports Carbon S5 Fiber Frame Slider. I find that you can get the best of both worlds – protection and style.

These frame sliders are easy to install and shouldn’t take you no more than 30 minutes (depending on your bike). The replacement end caps are a bonus because it comes in different colors to give your bike that added touch.


  • Changeable end caps that are great for matching your bike’s color scheme and replacing a damaged end cap
  • Carbon fiber sleeve and metal end cap leaves a great touch on your bike


  • Might need to apply Loctite Threadlocker to ensure security of the bolts
  • Uneven sliders – left slider is longer than the right slider


How Much Can You Save by Getting Frame Sliders?

In the case of a crash, your repair costs will vary. As mentioned earlier, the estimate for the repairs of my first accident was several hundred dollars because I avoided installing frame sliders. Now, whenever I purchase a new bike, frame sliders are the first thing I install.

Recently, I had a low level accident in which I made a rookie move in forgetting to put the kickstand down after parking. In the event your experience is like mine, you wouldn’t have to worry much about cosmetic damage.

Shogun Motorsports No Cut Frame Sliders for 2014 Yamaha R6

Aftermath of frame sliders and bodywork from failing to put kickstand down.

These Shogun Motorsport Frame Sliders saved me a couple hundred dollars from buying new parts such as, mirrors, grips/levers, and engine cover.

You can’t anticipate when your accident is going to happen. Protect your bike now, so that you’ll save more money in the future.




Feel free to drop a comment below. Tell us which frame sliders you prefer and don’t hesitate to share pics.

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