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Vinyl Decal Installation With Our Pre-Designed Kits.

This 3-step tutorial will show you how to do a proper vinyl decal installation for any motorcycle. It’s a simple DIY application that allows you to flex your creative muscles with our pre-made designs. The possibilities are endless.

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2014 YAMAHA R6


2008 HONDA CBR 1000RR


2008 SUZUKI GSXR 600


For More Details Follow the Steps Below: Installation should be completed indoors to avoid direct sunlight and wind as this will cause difficulties in installation. Perform a dry fit of the decal on the motorcycle to determine the location of where you want the vinyl to go. Some decals may need to be cut to fit the contours of your fairings. Vinyl Decal Care: Never use high pressure water of any sort. Only use soapy water with clean soft sponge to wash decal by hand.




Clean motorcycle surface to remove all dirt, debris, and wax. Dry the surface with a lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth.


Secure each end or corner with a piece of masking tape.


Apply a strip of masking tape vertically to the center of the decal, so the graphic can be applied one section at a time.


Remove the masking tape used in step 2. Hold down the backing paper while slowly peeling the premask away back towards the center. The vinyl will remain on the premask.


Cut away the backing paper with a scissor. Place the vinyl on the surface. Starting at the center, slowly make easy, overlapping vertical strokes with the squeegee. Now, remove the masking tape and peel away the backing paper on the other side of the vinyl transfer. Apply this section the same way as the other.


Wait 10-15 minutes to remove the premask. Starting from a corner, slowly peel away the premask directly across itself at a 180-degree angle. Carefully re-squeegee any areas that seem to lift. After the premask is off, wrap the squeegee with a microfiber cloth (to prevent scratching the vinyl) and go over the vinyl again, especially around the edges. Examine the vinyl for bubbles and prick them with a pin and squeegee the air out towards the puncture. A heat gun or hair dryer will assist in the removal of bubbles.


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