If Scheming is a mindset, then being Stylish is an identity.

Long gone to the days of look-alikes and matching motorcycles. We buried that mindset in the Concept Casket, but it’s probably in the cloud somewhere in case it needs to be resurrected. The next time you show up to a bike meet, you better be sure no one else’s bike is dressed in the same outfit as yours. For the most part, you ride solo and so, your style should be solo too.

 Crème de la crème. One of a kind. We are allergic to basic. If it ain’t dapper, it doesn’t matter. Welcome to the new breed of the Moto Sexy. Welcome to the fashion for motorcycles.

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From racing to stuntin' to simply rippin' the streets, we ride because it allows us to escape from reality. It gives us a sense of freedom. Like our wardrobe, our bike is an extension of us.

At Moto Schemes, we help our customers turn the dream style for their bike into a reality.

Whether it’s maintenance or swapping out aftermarket parts, there’s nothing like having that one-on-one conversation with your bike. Now you have something else you can bring to the table with our vinyl decal kits.

Our decal kits put the design in your hands by giving you the ability to customize your bike in an affordable way. We know what it’s like to take your bike to a shop to get it wrapped, repainted, etc. What if you can customize your bike yourself with little tools and little experience? Whether you want to go all out or whether you’re styling on a budget, we can surely put a special kit together for you.

We use high performance vinyl that’s built to last, but just because our vinyl is of high quality doesn’t mean you can’t remove it when you’re ready to try one of our latest kits. Our decal collections are seasonal, so get ready to shop for a new wardrobe.